Hanging the Doors

This is where your new kitchen starts to take shape.  Adding on the doors is one of the easiest steps.

Locate your hinge plates.  Note the arrow, this will point towards the front of the carcass.


The hinge plate holes are pre-drilled.  The hinge plate will be fixed to the holes pictured above.  Taller doors will have another hinge in the middle.


Push the hinge plates firmly in the holes with the arrow pointing forwards.


Tighten the screws using a cordless drill.

The hinge has a pin located in the middle.  Place this into the slot at the front of the hinge plate...


Then push firmly at the back of the hinge until it clicks into place.  Do this for all hinges and you are done!  The doors may need adjustment afterwards, see adjusting the hinges for more information.