Door Designs

We have a great range of doors to choose from, which we can supply custom sized to your specifications.

Melamine High Impact Edge Doors - Matte Finish

These flat-faced kitchen doors are surfaced with an extremely durable and fine-textured melamine which are an economical option.

•  Manufactured from High Moisture Resistant (HMR) particle board 16mm pre-finished melamine board with 1mm high impact resistant PVC edging to give a stylish finish.

Melamine High Impact Edge Doors - Gloss and Silk Finish

Like melamine kitchen doors with a matte finish, melamine doors with a semi-gloss finish are flat-faced doors with a 1mm PVC edge applied to all four edges. They have a gloss melamine surface and offer an economical means of achieving a gloss kitchen.

Vinyl Wrap - Vacuum Formed Doors

Proudly Australian made from a wide range of colourful PVC coatings and bonded to 18mm MR MDF board to create beautifully finished doors to suit most settings. 

Whether it is traditional, rustic or contemporary, our vacuum formed doors will give your home a stylish and individual look that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

To see colours available go to our Door Colours page.


Simple and Modern Designs  

Duraform Finesse Door Duraform Oblique Door Duraform Thumbnail Door Duraform Pencil edge door Duraform Contour Door


Fine Line Designs

Duraform Ruby Door Duraform Pearl Duraform Diamond Duraform Opal Duraform Drover Door

Duraform Emerald Duraform Zirconia Duraform Door Duraform doors Duraform doors

Duraform Sapphire


Grand Designs

Duraform Knight Duraform Lord Duraform Duke Door Duraform Prince Duraform Endeavour

Duraform Baron Duraform Doors Duraform doors Duraform Door Duraform

Duraform doors Duraform door

Classic Country Designs - not available in a gloss finish

Duraform doors Duraform Snowy Door Duraform Cat D doors


Vinyl - gloss

The quality and look of vinyl gloss doors are second to none. Vinyl doors with a gloss finish are manufactured in the same way as the other vinyl door finishes but they are surfaced with an extremely thick and durable high gloss vinyl. These doors are available in Modern, Fine and Grand styles


Solid timber

Solid timber kitchen doors are available in Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood, American Oak, Baltic Pine, Clear Pine, Rosewood and Jarrah. These doors are of extremely high quality and can be supplied in either their raw form or with a clear lacquered finish.

American Oak Baltic Pine Doors Blackwood Doors Blackwood kitchen doors Blackwood kitchen

Blackwood Clear Pine doors Jarrah doors Jarrah kitchens Jarrah kitchen doors

Jarrah timber doors Kitchen timber doors Jarrah Rosewood Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak Doors Tasmanian Oak kitchen doors



Alifrost is a range of aluminium framed perspex doors and panels that give a superior glass appearance without the design limitations, weight, safety and colour restrictions of traditional glass framed cabinet doors.