Assembling the Under Bench Oven Provision

If you are having an under bench oven this is how we do the provision.  It is basically a floor and a couple of side trims to allow for ventilation around your appliance.  It also acts as a spacer to protect your cupboard doors on either side.


This is the final assembled under bench provision.


You will have an oven base panel...


and two oven cleats.


Hold the cleats flush with the front and side of the oven base and pre-drill two holes as shown.


Proceed to screw fix the cleat using 50mm screws.


Pre-drill and screw fix the other cleat on the opposite side.


Clamp the oven bearer flush with the front of the oven base, tight against the side cleat.


Screw fix the bearer to the base from underneath as shown.  Use 36mm screws.


Clamp the other bearer in place and screw fix like the other one.


Place the flat leg plates in the positions marked with texta...


and screw them all in place using 36mm screws.


Push the legs into the legs plates and your under bench oven provision is done.