Assembling Standard Metabox Drawers

Instructions for assembling normal Blum drawers.  Use this if your drawers are not soft closing.  There is also a video guide at the bottom of the page.

Push the melamine drawer bottom between the left and right drawer sides using the holes and lugs as a location guide.

  Screw fix from underneath the drawer bottom using 1 x system screw and 1 x 16mm screw.  Hold the drawer back against the back brackets of the sides and fix into place using 16mm screws.  You can pre-drill some small guide holes first if you wish.


Firmly insert the drawer front clips into the pre-drilled holes in your drawer face as above, slot the drawer face clips into the drawer sides then tighten the locking mechanism to secure.


If the drawers are extra deep they will have a high ended back and gallery rails.

With the gallery rail end at 90 degrees push into the top pre-drilled hole in the drawer face and straighten out the rail.  The back will then clip into your drawer back brackets.


Screw fix the left and right runners to the inside of the carcass using 16mm screws as shown above. 

We have pre-drilled the screw hole locations and marked out the shape of one of the runners on each carcass to help guide you.


To insert the drawer into the cupboard, place the wheels of the drawer sides behind the wheels of the runners, then tilt upwards and gently push forward.


HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT:  Slightly undo locking mechanism, lift drawer face up or down as required and re-tighten locking mechanism.


SIDE ADJUSTMENT: Release tension on the drawer front clip screws, move drawer face left or right as required then re-tighten.



TILT ADJUSTMENT: Twist the gallery rail either clockwise or anti-clockwise if needed.