Assembling the Base Cabinets

Our carcasses have an easy to assemble mortise and tenon system with all drilling pre-done for easy screw fixing.


Each cabinet is wrapped separately in plastic.  We recommend you open and assemble one cabinet at a time.



Inside you will find a hardware pack for assembly.



Use the 50mm carcasse screws for all carcasse assembly.



Your pack will come with a Posi Drive Bit.  This is compatible with all hardware supplied in your flat pack.


Shelf supports - Used in the pre-drilled holes to support the adjustable shelves,


Carcasse Joiners - Used to join two cabinets together through the pre-drilled holes.



Each piece is marked on the sticker.  Lay down one side with the grooves facing upwards.



Line up the back of the cabinet and gently knock into the groove until fully embedded.



Insert the bottom section.  The plastic edge side should be facing forwards as shown.



Insert the top rail, again with the plastic edging facing outwards.  Note the rail in your sink cupboard will run up and down instead of as shown.  The grooves will be manufactured to suit your sink unit.



Gently place the other side on top and line up the all the mortise and tenon grooves.  Once lined up gently knock it into place.  You can carefully use a rubber mallet if you wish.



Using the 50mm carcasse screws and the supplied bit screw fix into all the pre-drilled holes shown above.  Make sure you counter sink each screw slightly.



Carefully flip the cabinet over and screw fix the other side.


There is also a couple of screws to be fixed in the back of the cabinet.